The Peaceful Revolution was launched by people in both East and West Germany. Many individuals were active – often for many years – on behalf of democracy in the GDR. In her essay, the writer Claudia Rusch pays tribute to those East Germans who had the courage to rebel openly against the dictatorship. 


Gesine Oltmanns

Sebastian Pflugbeil

Matthias Platzeck

Gerd Poppe

Ulrike Poppe

Aram Radomski

Lutz Rathenow

Eva Reich

Jens Reich

Mario Schatta

Siegbert Schefke

Walter Schilling

Friedrich Schorlemmer

Reinhard Schult

Werner Schulz

Uwe Schwabe

Eberhard Seidel

Jutta Seidel

Barbara Sengewald

Michael Succow

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