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  Monetary, Economic and Social Union 81%
  ... decay, environmental damage and shortages spoke for themselves. This photo from 1990 shows: Andreasviertel in Erfurt. Source: Bundesregierung/Lehnartz GDR prime minister Hans Modrow (l., in ... buying in goods because they were waiting for the deutschmark to order new products. Source: Schicker Fotodesign On the eve of 1 July 1990, the day of monetary union, there was a run on the ... at Alexanderplatz in East Berlin received the gift of a savings book worth 100 DM. Source:
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  The files are ours 75%
  ... members of the People's Chamber. Sven Braune, Dirk Adams and Klaus Voigt (l. to r.) went on hunger strike to underline their demands. Source: Schicker Fotodesign Shortly before the People's Chamber elections in March 1990, the party chairman of Democratic Awakening, Wolfgang Schnur, was ... the president of the People’s Chamber Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, vice-president Reinhard Höppner, Konrad Weiß (front row, l. to r.). Source:
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