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  Details 81%
  Details source: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Dirk Vogel back to List Gerd Poppe born 1941 in Rostock Gerd Poppe is one of the veterans and masterminds behind the GDR opposition. After having studied Physics in Rostock until 1964, he was part of the Berlin subculture from 1965 onwards and played a major role in shaping this. Here, an opposition movement ...
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  The wall falls 78%
  ... of the Wall. It was not until 11 November that the GDR border troops regained control of the situation. Der damals 28-jährige Mathias Vieth aus Rostock verfasst einen Tag nach dem Fall der Mauer einen Brief an seine Schwester in Berlin. Source: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Mathias Vieth
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  Occupying the Regional Stasi Offices 77%
  ... were occupied on 4 December 1989. Weapons were seized and the rooms were sealed. Source: Robert Havemann Society/Lutz Mittelbach The people of Rostock besieged the regional Stasi headquarters on 4 December 1989. After long negotiations, the people inside gave up around 10 p.m. They all left ...
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  New Forum 75%
  ... Jutta Seidel and Jens Reich. Source: Archiv Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung, Bestand Klaus Mehner, Nr. 89_1029_POL_DDR-NF_02 Rally outside Rostock town hall, 29 October 1989. Source: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft In St Mary’s Church in Torgau (Saxony), 5 November 1989. Source: Erdmute ...
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  Details 74%
  Details source: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Dirk Vogel back to List Ulrike Poppe born 1953 in Rostock Human rights in the broadest sense of their meaning for society and state have always been at the heart of Ulrike Poppe’s political activities. ...
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  Leipzig on the move 73%
  ... from the beginning of October 1989 in support of all political prisoners. Source: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft Collection of signatures from Rostock dated 12 October 1989 for demonstrators arrested on 11 September 1989 after the peace prayers in Leipzig, who had not yet been released around ...
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  Civil rights activity and social self-organisation 68%
  ... 1990. He played a key role in shutting down the fault-prone plant, causing great hostility towards him among the workers. Source: Ostseezeitung Rostock/Treder Young people from East and West squatted empty houses to protest against vacant property and urban decay in East Germany's larger ...
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