The website is published by the Robert Havemann Society. It is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag, as well as by the Berlin Lottery Foundation and the borough of Lichtenberg.

Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft e.V.
Schliemannstraße 23
10437 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 447 108 0
Telefax: +49 30 447 108 19

Managing Director: Dr. Olaf Weißbach
Executive Board: Ulrike Poppe, Reinhard Weißhuhn
Chairman: Siegfried Zoels
Association register at the District Court of Charlottenburg
Register number: VR 11432B

Project Manager:  
Tom Sello

Dr. Ilona Schäkel

Homepage photo:
Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Sergej Horovitz

Tina Krone, Dr. Doris Müller-Toovey, Andreas Pausch, Dr. Christian Sachse, Dr. Ilona Schäkel, Tom Sello, Stefanie Wahl

Elif Çamyar, Katy Derbyshire, Karen Margolis, Alexander Mirimov, Mireille Onon, Elena Rubio Serrano, Linda Jayne Turner

Photo sourcing:
Christoph Ochs

Dr. Olaf Weißbach
Frank Ebert, Rebecca Hernandez Garcia, Tina Krone, Christoph Ochs, Ingrid Post, Christoph Sauter, Petra Söllner, Sebastian Zilm

Academic Advisory Board:
Prof. Dipl.-Des. Gisela Grosse und Dr. Jens Schöne

Design and technical realization:
rubinmedia Köln

Hagen Meutzner

Photo credits:
Despite thorough investigations, it was not possible to identify all copyright holders. These have the opportunity to contact us:  Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft, Schliemannstraße 23, 10437 Berlin, Germany.

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