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It took just two months to negotiate the 45 articles, three appendices and one memorandum that make up the comprehensive treaty on German unification agreed between the two German states. The first session of talks was held on 6 July 1990. Debates were fierce, and sometimes the talks seemed at risk of collapsing. Meanwhile, discussions were going on within West Germany as well. 

Finally it was decided to transfer the West German legal system as a whole to the territory of the former GDR. On 23 August the majority of People's Chamber members voted for the GDR to join the Federal Republic and adopt its Basic Law. Both German parliaments passed the Unification Treaty on 20 September. 

The Day of German Unity was set for 3 October 1990. In many places public celebrations already began the day before. On the evening of 3 October around half a million people and leading politicians gathered in 

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