Protest against Egon Krenz being installed as chairman of the State Council outside the State Council building in East Berlin, 24 October 1989.
источник: picture-alliance/dpa/Wolfgang Kumm

Joint Action

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Despite all their differences, the newly founded movements and parties closed ranks against the SED’s claim to run the country. Representatives of the different groupings drafted a “Joint Declaration” dated 4 October 1989. The contact group met again on 10 and 24 November 1989 to prepare the first meeting of the Central Round Table in Berlin.
источник: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft
Future workshop “What will become of the GDR?” in the Church of the Redeemer in East Berlin, 6 October 1989. At this meeting, the new groupings spoke in favour of placing the next elections under United Nations control.
источник: Andreas Schoelzel
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